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Filling System

A 200mm (8”) or 250mm (10”) hydraulically driven auger capable of delivering seed and granular products is standard on Multistream bins.

  • The 250mm (10”) auger barrel is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel, and the auger flyte made with smooth cupped plastic delivering a gentle and quiet action to reduce seed and fertiliser damage
  • The high flow auger screen and hopper complies with Australian Standard AS2153.1. The hopper comes with hungry boards making filling with low density products such as oats much easier, and can be easily removed to allow emptying of the Multistream tanks
  • Auger operation comes with a hand held remote, as well as manual control. The hand held remote control the auger motor, hydraulic lower and upper arms for positioning, and lifting of the auger for ease of operation and stowing
  • E-Stop (Safety Electronic Stop) is provided for additional safety both at the top   and bottom of the auger.
Walkways & Frame

Considered the material of choice for industrial applications, our walkways are made from strong, flexible, lightweight fibre reinforced plastic which is coated with a non-slip surface. Walkways are designed to be spacious giving you have safe access to the top of the tanks without standing on them with an additional bonus of rails that may be lowered to reduce transport height if required.

All Multistreams have a 200mm x 100mm x 6mm boxed and trussed heavy duty frame, and for added durability all frames come with a two pack urethane paint finish.

Wheel & Axle Options

Models come available in single or dual wheels, and for CTF Systems options available are single wheels or tracks on 3 metre centres.

Tank Choices

Ausplow’s high density polyethylene tanks are available in 1500, 2000, 3000, 4400 & 4700lt capacities. Polyethylene offers the following advantages over conventional steel and stainless steel tanks when used for either granular or liquid products:

  • Reduced ‘sweating’ inside tanks in high humidity environments
  • Ability to resist corrosion with very low Ph solutions (i.e. phosphoric acid)
  • Lower friction properties reduce the incidence of bridging
  • Flexibility for granular or liquid product.
Cleaning of Heat Exchanger

A convenient swing out cowling is accessible from the mid platform, and allows for quick and easy cleaning of the heat exchanger radiator.

Monitor/ Controller Choice

The Multistream offers a choice of airseeder controllers to suit individual needs. The total system design allows a granular or liquid metering unit to be controlled by the same controller without specialised programming or additional hydraulic components.

Variable rate technology using electric over hydraulic control offers exceptional torque to metering wheels ensuring accurate rates are achieved even when using difficult to meter fertilisers.

On board controllers available to suit are: Topcon, John Deere, Trimble, RAVEN and ISOBUS systems.

Not shown in diagram.

Liquid Cabinet Delivery System

An externally mounted liquid cabinet delivery system is optional.  The 800mm x 840mm stainless steel cabinet is designed for ease of servicing, and is mounted on the LHS of all Multistreams. The liquid cabinet can be controlled by Topcon, Trimble, RAVEN and John Deere.

Requires one liquid cabinet for each tank, and comes with the following standard integrated features:

  • Agitation
  • Auto Calibrating
  • Manual Tank Rinse
  • Manual Bar Flush.

Furthermore, stainless steel is used for the plumbing and componentry including the Hypro pump.

On the RHS of the Multistream you have a 3 inch stainless steel quick fill station along with a product sight gauge for each liquid tank.

The Multistream allows any liquid or granular product to be used from any tank.

Towing Hitch Connections (Front & rear)

Front (towing tongue) and rear (pin) connections have available Cat 4 (50mm) or Cat 5 (70mm) sizes to suit particular sized tractor or seeder.

Option available to mount at the rear of a tow between a hitch adaptor kit to suit an ‘Implement Guidance System Hydraulic Hitch’.


Optional cameras fitted onto the granular metering unit to view and ensure product flowing from the metering rollers prior entering into the air stream, along with cameras inside each of the granular tanks to monitor product level.

Metering Unit

The seed and fertiliser metering units are made from marine grade stainless steel. Each unit allows distribution of product into either air stream at positive pre-set quantities of 0%, 25%, 33%, 50%, 67%, 75% and 100% to achieve desired blending rates.

Low maintenance and low wear plastic staggered tooth metering wheels are hydraulically driven and allow seeding rates from as low as 1kg/Ha of seed and up to 250kg/Ha of fertiliser depending on bar size.

A unique multi-positioned stainless steel metering flap is simple to adjust and eliminates the need for separate metering wheels or bolt-in restrictors. Fully opening the flap allows for a simple and through bin cleanout.


The standard capacity turbo fan incorporates a 19cc hydraulic motor and is capable of dual shooting 72 tines (total 144). Oil is filtered prior to the motor and is then used to pre-heat the air stream and cool the oil system via industrial grade oil cooler.

Whilst a maximum of 4000rpm requires 80 litres per minute (lpm) oil flow for the largest precision seeders, 3000 rpm and 60 lpm will satisfy most seeding rigs and conditions.

Option available for a dual fan system to suit tractors fitted with twin pump hydraulics (428lt/min) requiring high demand delivery of granular and liquid and with optimum fan control.

Lighting System

A full LED lighting system is optional providing the following functions:

  • Implement (DBS Auseeder)
  • Service (Within various chassis locations)
  • Walkway & Platform (Safe access up and around)
  • Auger (Hopper & Discharge points)
  • Safety Beacon (Oversize load).
Model Tanks Tank Sizes (Litres) Tyres Auger Drawbar Weight
TOW BETWEEN          
A9500 2 2x4700 24.5x32 8” 2400
A11000 3 2x4700 / 1x1500 24.5x32 8” 3000
M9000 3 3x3000 24.5x32 8” 3300
M12000 4 4x3000 30.5x32 8” 4900
SERIES II          
M14000 3 2x4700 / 1x4400 30.5x32 3M 10” 3100
M15000 4 2x4700 / 1x4400 / 1x1500 30.5x32 3M 10” 2700
M18000 4 2x4700 / 2x4400 24.5x32 Duals 10” 2600
M19500 5 2x4700 / 2x4400 / 1x1500 24.5x32 Duals 10” 3400
M22000 5 2x4700 / 3x4400 710/70Rx38 Duals 10” 4600
M24000 6 2x4700 / 3x4400 / 1x1500 710/70Rx38 Duals 10” 5400
M27000 6 2x4700 / 4x4400 800/70Rx38 Duals 10” 4700
M28000 7 2x4700 / 4x4400 / 1x1500 800/70Rx38 Duals 10” 5400
Model Tanks Tank Sizes (Litres) Tyres Auger Drawbar Weight
TOW BEHIND          
A9500 2 2x4700 14.9x28(F)/24.5x32(R) 8” N/A
A11000 3 2x4700 / 1x1500 14.9x28(F)/24.5x32(R) 8” N/A
M9000 3 3x3000 14.9x28(F)/24.5x32(R) 8” N/A
M12000 4 4x3000 24.5x32(F)/24.5x32(R) 8” N/A
SERIES II          
M14000 3 2x4700 / 1x4400 24.5x32(F)/24.5x32(R) 10” N/A
M15000 4 2x4700 / 1x4400 / 1x1500 24.5x32(F)/24.5x32(R) 10” N/A
M18000 4 2x4700 / 2x4400 30.5x32(F)/30.5x32(R) 3M 10” N/A
M19500 5 2x4700 / 2x4400 / 1x1500 30.5x32(F)/30.5x32(R) 3M 10” N/A
Model Tanks Tank Sizes (Litres) Tyres Auger Drawbar Weight
A6000 2 2x3000 N/A 8” 3600
M6000 3 3x2000 N/A 8” 3600
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